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Ohio’s Workforce

Ohio has a talented labor force of nearly 2 million people who have training and deep experience in a wide range of disciplines. The state’s workforce is a byproduct of the state’s university system, which includes:










More than 120 adult education training centers and training programs

Labor Force Statistics

Northeast Ohio has a positive track record–and is poised to continue that growth in the coming years.

Wages and Job Availability

The region has an above-average concentration of employees in some of the most in-demand occupational categories, including brokerage clerks, CNC tool programmers and operators, machinists, computer systems analysts, industrial engineers, and marketing managers. Better yet, Northern Ohio wages for these in-demand and specialized occupations are competitive with the national average.

Key Industry and Occupational Strengths

Employment in the jobs that support key industry sectors are growing.

A Thriving Destination

True to its history, Northeast Ohio is a true innovator: a constantly evolving home to an array of diverse and growing industries. And as a result, our region offers a plethora—and wide range—of exciting employment opportunities


NEDC will partner to customize or create new training tailored to your workforce, your timeline, your industry, or your business plan. Examples of past training programs cover a diverse range of specialties, including computer programming, ISO certification, manufacturing technology, and quality assessment/management.

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