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Just less than 3,000 students are enrolled in the Norwalk City School District. The school district has approximately 250 students in every grade level. Pre-school, Kindergarten and 1st grade are at Maplehurst Elementary, Pleasant Elementary is the home to the 2nd and 3rd grade students and League Elementary has the 4th grade students. Main Street School, which opened in the fall of 2004, houses about 420 students in grades five and six. Norwalk Middle School houses grades seven and eight, while Norwalk High School contains over 700 students in grades nine through twelve. The area career center, EHOVE, provides programs for approximately 120 Norwalk junior and senior students each year.

Norwalk Catholic Schools offers parochial education from pre-k through high school. Fully accredited by the Ohio Board of Education and the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association, NCS and St. Paul High School provide quality education to over 700 students.

EHOVE Career Center is a leading career tech school in Milan Township. This high school and adult education facility draws students from a variety of locales, and serves multiple school districts as well in Erie, Huron and Ottawa Counties. Students are given the opportunity to take challenging academic classes in a customized and relevant curriculum to prepare them for a specific career or college, and learn skills to advance in the trade of their choice, for now or the future.

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