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Building relationships and creating solutions.

The NEDC Business Retention and Expansion Coordination Strategy (BR&E) strives to communicate and coordinate efforts between organizations—collecting and sharing data, identifying opportunities and helping people partner and create solutions.

In the month of May, NEDC staff along with 40 volunteers visited 57 “Main Street” companies. The images below illustrate some of the data that we captured.

Working toward increased competitiveness, more capital investment and continual job growth.

The Norwalk Area Business Retention & Expansion Coordination Strategy (BR&E) serves the business community by building relationships, collecting and sharing data, identifying opportunities and determining solutions.

A core function of the BR&E strategy involves meeting with business owners, CEOs and top managers annually to build relationships and collect important information. The Huron County Chamber of Commerce, the City of Norwalk, the United Fund and NEDC work together to identify key questions to ask organizations and companies.

Working in partnership with multiple organizations, we increase business competitiveness in the Norwalk area and positively impact capital investment and job growth.

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