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Why do business in the City of Norwalk? To begin with, Norwalk offers companies an ideal location. Add to that; a skilled and motivated workforce, low cost of living and of doing business, solid infrastructure and excellent utility capacity; and you have a winning formula for most any business.

Workforce has become on the biggest challenges facing industry today. Norwalk draws talent from throughout northern Ohio, boasting a skilled and dedicated labor force and top-notch vocational/trade schools and universities; all within a 45 minute radius. In addition to higher education, we are fortunate to have excellent public and parochial schools, ensuring that our workforce will remain competitive for years to come.

 Norwalk Economic Development Corporation 

Though the City of Norwalk has always enjoyed a broad range of industries, our largest employers are in the fields of Healthcare, Construction, Retail and Manufacturing. Products made in Norwalk include: surgical technology, automotive components, pre-cast concrete, metal fabrication, custom made furniture and more.

Another advantage to choosing Norwalk is our low cost of living and/or doing business. Short commute times, affordable housing and utilities, low tax rates and exceptional City services make Norwalk the obvious choice for employers who are concerned for their workforce's quality of life.

Whether you are looking for information on incentives, grants, financial assistance, support services, customized site searches or advocacy- the staff at NEDC is happy to assist you.

The Norwalk Economic Development Corporation works closely with local, county and State government; regional utility partners, educational institutions and more; to ensure that your business has every competitive advantage to compete within the global market.

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Norwalk, Ohio is centrally located between Cleveland and Columbus. We are within a day's drive of the majority markets in both the US and Canada. Our region benefits from its large number of highways, ports, airports and rail lines. This makes Norwalk a logistically ideal location.


Norwalk, Ohio... where tradition meets innovation.

The City of Norwalk provides its own water and sewage utilities, boasting an extremely high capacity and competitive rates. Our natural gas provider is Columbia Gas and our electric provider is Ohio Edison. Both providers work closely with NEDC and the City of Norwalk to meet the needs of new and existing business.