Borgers is a family-owned business with more than 150 years of quality under its belt. This year, they expanded their Norwalk facilities by more than 150,000 sf adding additional job opportunities, tax revenue and an R&D presence here in Norwalk.

When Mike and Allison Will purchased the Maple City Rubber Company, they were ensuring that a century-old Norwalk business would remain here in the Maple City. NEDC is pleased to present them with one of three 2017 Golden Maple awards.

Maple City Builders' innovative reuse of the former Kmart building has already brought two new companies to Norwalk, and turned a once empty big box retail space into a thriving commercial hub. NEDC is proud to present them with this year's Innovation Award.

Architect Stephen Zigo has served on countless projects throughout the city for more than three decades. His work with the downtown renovation project in the early 90's speaks for itself. So, too, does his status as a founding member of both the NCDC and the NEDC itself.

New Horizons Baking Company has called Norwalk home since 1995. Facing major changes in their business model, the company was recently  tasked with adding an additional 3,000 sf of freezer space. They chose to expand their Norwalk facility, ensuring job retention and a continued partnership with the city.

Mike & Allison Will

2017 Golden Maple Award

Borgers Ohio, Inc.

2017 Golden Maple Award

12 Benedict Ave. Norwalk, OH 44857


Phone: 419.668.9858

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Stephen P. Zigo

2017 Pushing the Envelope Award

NEDC 2017 Award Recipients

New Horizons Baking Co.

2017 Golden Maple Award

Maple City Builders

2017 Innovation Award